Services to help you achieve your goals

Solar Advisor offers a variety of services to meet your energy project needs, to take you from initial discussion – all the way to commissioning. We believe that every project should be treated with full commitment and attention to detail.

While we primarily specialise in design and specification, as shown below, we are very familiar with all aspects of complicated projects. Check out our services below to help you meet your goals.


Our combined design experience and construction familiarity provides added benefit throughout the proposal, analysis, design development and installation stages of projects.

Quality Inspections

Ensure that the final product matches the original proposal – Progress Inspections provide satisfaction that you will “get what you paid for”


We source the best products to match your budget, with industry standard warranty considerations, and provide timely design and component alternatives whilst monitoring the availability of materials with compatibility of costs. 

2nd Opinion

Why not request another opinion on an existing quote? We will identify the areas to keep an eye on and offer a “Heads-Up” as an Independent looking after your best interests.